Kid Basix Review and Giveaway!

My Thoughts on KidBasix
Withso many harmful chemicals now a days how can you know that your childis safe. I mean is something as basic as their drinking bottle assafe as you would hope?
Kid Basix knows the thoughts and concerns of parents and has came up witha safe drinking bottle for your loved ones! From the very firstbottle a baby will use to the water bottle taken to the soccer field!
Ibet you are now wondering how Kid Basix is really safer than anyother water/baby bottle? Well I was able to review a Kid Basix SafeSporter and here are the amazing spec’s on this bottle!
Thereis a Mud Cap at the top that will allow the spout to stay clean! Thisis handy as my daughter is constantly knocking hers over and into thegrass when she is playing outside! The Mud Cap will also click intoplace on the back of the bottle so that it does not hit them in thenose every time they try to take a drink!
Onething my daughter has problems with on water bottles is the spout.Her school does not have drinking fountains and each child bringstheir own water bottle to school to use each day and we went throughso many water bottles last year because she could not find a bottlewith an easy to open and close spout! The Kid Basix has been amazingand she has never had a problem with the opening or closing of thespout! This is WONDERFUL as there was a time that she even got herlip caught in the spout and the teacher had a very hard time gettingher lip out of it! I have no worries of that ever happening againwith the Kid Basix!

Good Luck!
TheKid Basix water bottle is made of single-walled, non-leaching,antimicrobial food grade stainless steel that is lightweight, easy toclean, and will stay nice and cool when filled with ice cubes! Thereis also a Sleeve over the bottle for the kids to hold onto so theirlittle hands can grasp tightly to the bottle and if there is ice init, it will not freeze their little fingers!
KidBasix makes a great line of items! Baby Bottles, Sippy Cups and theSafe Sporter Water Bottle!

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Idid receive a product for the purpose of this review, However myopinion was used in this review and was not influenced in any way!All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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