Ozeri Graviti Pro Electric Pepper Grinder – Review and Giveaway!

ElectricPepper Grinder
Ihave never before seen an Electric Pepper Grinder and this is now myfavorite item in the kitchen! Ok..I am easily pleased but really itis amazing! I am one that purchases Peppercorns, whole allspice, andSea Salt just to name a few! This amazing Ozeri Electric Grinder willbe a miracle worker with all three as I was grinding them by handeach time I cooked!
Whenthe Pepper Grinder arrived I was not sure how it all worked! But thedirections were easy to understand in within a few minutes I had thePeppercorns and Batteries in the Grinder and it was working like acharm! I will say that there are two little wires when putting thegrinder back together that have to be matched up with the littleholes! Otherwise good luck getting it back together! But now that Ihave found that out it is a cinch!
Ihave used this grinder for peppercorn, salt, mustard seed, andallspice! The only one I had a problem with was the allspice but thatwas only because some of the seed was too big and got jammed! Thiswas not an issue to me as it is not made for allspice anyway! 😉
Ireally am in love with my new Ozeri Pepper Grinder! It has saved thepain that I had in my hands and arms from hand grinding and now it isas easy as pushing a button! I also find it easy to clean which is ahuge plus for me! YAY!

Good Luck!
Onthe Back of the Box
Designedfor one-handed operation, the sleek and stylish Ozeri Graviti Pro Electric Pepper Grinder automatically activates when inverted foreffortless dispensing of freshly ground seasonings. The elegantlydesigned Graviti Pro boasts a transparent storage container for yourfresh peppercorn or salt, and a top-mounted grind adjuster that neverleaves a trail or mess. Also featuring a fingerprint-resistantultra-soft grip, the attention-grabbing Ozeri Graviti Pro is equallyat home in the hand of a fast paced cook as it is on any elegantlyset dining table.
Now how about winning one!! Here at Heavenly Savings I am happy to say you can do just that! One lucky winner will score this awesome Ozeri Pepper Grinder! – Ozeri has just asked one thing! They would like the winner to post a review on Amazon after the product has arrived and they have had a chance to use it! It’s that simple!

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