Plan Economic Stag Weekends with Friends That Leave a Lasting Impression!

Plan Economic Stag Weekends with Friends That Leave a Lasting Impression
Here’s the thing – a lot of guys don’t really like a plan. We think it narrows down our chances of meetings someone amazing, or finding something incredible down a side street, or something. But then we’re also pretty thick, so listening to ourselves is probably not the best idea under the sun.
No, the way to get your stag weekend rockin’ is actually to plan it down to the last detail. The tighter your planning, the more fun you will have when it happens. This is guaranteed. Trust me. I’ve seen it happen so many times. 
When you don’t plan a stag weekend, and turn up somewhere expecting to have all these wild adventures, all you actually do is get drunk in the wrong pub, go to the wrong nightclub and then wander around a town you don’t know wondering why everyone else you meet seems to be having a much better time than you. Because here’s the thing about all those amazing adventures you always think you’re going to have when you leave everything to chance: they don’t happen. They never did. Out of your whole life, all those amazing random moments you remember probably happened when you were a teenager and just being drunk on cider in a park was fun.
As a just about to be married man, your idea of fun has (I hope!) shifted somewhat. So here’s how to plan your stag weekend:
1: Plan all major events in advance. Get everyone’s money in and paid before you get anywhere near to the departure date for the weekend. Make sure you have enough money to get through the weekend. And make sure that all of your events have been planned to start and finish at appropriate times. 
2: Plan your night spots. The easiest way to have a rubbish stag do is to spend every evening trying to find a good bar or club. The internet makes it extremely easy to find out in advance where’s good to go. Don’t neglect the vast store of fun knowledge in your friend’s heads either. Find out if anyone has been to your destination before and get recommendations off them. 
3: Leave mornings alone. Unless your stag weekend is one of the world’s least normal, no-one in your party will be in a fit state to do anything in the mornings except breathe. All activities, events and things to do should happen after midday. 
4: Choose somewhere that everyone you want to come can afford. Not everyone earns the same and not everyone can afford the same, no matter what they earn. You will have a rough idea of the average level that your guests can afford. Don’t go above that average or you will risk having people you really want to come turn you down because it’s too expensive. 
5: Factor in travel time. If everyone’s driving from London, say, then having a stag do in Scotland is not a great idea. If you’re flying it’s fine. So think about transport modes and factor that into the overall cost for each person.
The best way is to Come up with your own plan and stick to it. If you’ve planned it all you know it will work.

Guest Post written by Roxanne Peterson

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