Can a yellow metal help you erase your debts?

– Guest Post by Kenneth Parkar

In the last few years it has been foundthat the global market has been constantly hit by the recession.Hence, the stock markets and other financial markets have sufferedgreatly. Such economic uncertainty has left several investors unknownof how to get return on their investment. If you’re willing toinvest in the market, then you should keep your focus on the safeheaven assets. If you invest (10-15) % of your wealth in gold, thenyou can earn profit even if your country is badly affected byrecession. During the economic downturn, this profit will help yourepay your debts through credit card consolidation.

Importance of investment in theyellow metal market
Read on to know why it is necessary foryou to hold gold in your portfolio.
  1. Global currency is a disgrace:
You must be unaware of the fact thatright now we are in the early stages of a global massive currencydebasement. It’s because the surplus budget of the federalgovernment has been transformed into a deficit. Within a few years itwill reach to such levels that it will make the US dollar finallycollapse. Other strong currencies are however trying to resist itsfall. Hence, it is advisable that you must invest in the gold marketwhich will show significant rise in the near future.
  1. Helps you secure your investment:
If you observe the market, you’llfind that compared to the other stock prices the fluctuations in thegold prices remain steady. You’ll never notice an abrupt change inits price that may lead to uncertainty. Since few years it has beennoticed that gold prices have rising steadily. At times its pricebecomes stable and then stars rising again. The fall in gold pricesseems to be very negligible in comparison to its steady rise.
  1. Supports your diverse investment:
It is good to diversify our investmentportfolio as it will help you circumvent any loss that you mightexperience in the near future. Among all your investment gold shouldform the foundation of your overall investment portfolio, as itsprice is always found to be moving in the positive direction. If youinclude gold investment in a portfolio of bonds and cash, then you’llbe able to handle the offset market fluctuations and minimize thevolatility of your entire portfolio. That’s why it is essential foryou to make (5-10) % of your investment in gold.
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  1. Gold is the ultimate liquid asset:
Gold is termed as world’s most liquidinvestment. It is because within no time you can liquefy gold and useit to repay your obligations. Investment in gold can help you earnhuge profits with the help of which, you can dwindle yourobligations, if you fall in debts in the near future.
Lastly, in order to be at the peak ofyour investment you have to learn about the gold market. You can hirea gold broker who will guide you and help you make the proper trade.It will be better if you make a long term investment. This will helpyou hold your stocks for a longer period of time and gain hugeprofits. These profits will help you in your credit cardconsolidation if you’re delinquent to pay off your credit cardbills.


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