New Apartment

Posted by Winford Tillman

I finally moved in to a new apartment after living in the dorms at school for three years. It is close enough to walk to campus, so I won’t have to worry about parking on campus. It has a pool, tennis courts, and all of the utilities are already set up and included in my rent. The only problem is that I do not know which channels are available through the cable that was set up. It looks like some of the channels are in HD, but I have not figured it out. I need to make sure I know which channels I have so I can record all of my shows. The apartment did not give me a channel guide list either. I decided to go online to .The website showed which channels were included in the package I had and also had a channel guide including which channels were in HD. I was finally able to figure out which channel all of my shows were on. Now I won’t have to worry about missing any of my shows.

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