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When it was time for me to decide my path in life I knew I wanted it to be a path of helping others. Going into the Medical field was a given for me! I did not go into the nursing or doctor side of things but I went into medical coding and I love it!

Now that I have finished Medical coding school I have really been weighing in on the options of going back to school and being up front of the Medical Field. I want to help others but did not know if I could handle the blood and/or the giving shots and such that went along with it. Now that I have been working behind the scenes I know that those issues will no longer be a problem for me!

If you live in the UK you will be happy to know that Oxford Medical is within reach!! Oxford Medical offers:

consultant interview course – This course is run in both Oxford and London! You will enjoy receiving an education with small classes and fun interaction!

medical teaching course – this course is for doctors who are looking to expand upon their knowledge! This 2 day course will be aid in your clinical and non-clinical teaching skills!

medical management course – 3 day medical management course for doctors. Small class sizes allow for interaction and learning!

teach the teacher course – course for doctors who want to teach! Courses held in Oxford and London on a regular basis!

If you are looking into career options or would like to expand upon a career you already have then I recommend you look into Oxford Medical!

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