As Seen On TV Gyro Bowl Review and Giveaway

My Thoughts on GyroBowl

Asparents we have all experienced snacks ending up on the floor becausethe children were carelessly flailing around!

Gyro Bowl knows and understands the frustration of parents as they cleanup spill after spill! That is why they created Gyro Bowl!
GyroBowl is a nifty bowl that moves as your child moves! Upside down andaround in all directions! What an amazing concept! There is even alid that fastens securely in place for when the kiddo’s are done withtheir snack!
Whenthis bowl arrived I instantly knew we were going to be best friends!As most of you know I have MANY children in and out of my home that Ibabysit. Most of them are under age 5 so the Gyro Bowl is a lifesaver for me! I also knew that if there were any flaws with this bowlthese kids were going to find it immediately as they can bedestructive at times! 
Assoon as the bowl arrived I filled it full of dry cereal and let thekids have at it! They were fascinated with the movement’s of the bowland treated it more like a toy than a bowl! They could not stopplaying with it….and I could not stop watching them as it was notspilling! The children were each moving it in all differentdirections as they sat on the floor! Wahoo!
Sincethe Gyro Bowl arrived it has been used time and again! I have onlyfound one time that it did not do what it said it would do andspilled the contents on the floor. That is when the children decidedto hold it and go running down the hallway of my house. Of course Ido not expect ANY bowl to hold it’s contents when the carrier isrunning as fast as they can so this to me is not a big deal at all!The kids know they are not supposed to run while they eat!
Overallthe Gyro Bowl is amazing! I have found that for me it’s best use isin the car as I have young ones in there day after day and the GyroBowl allows me sanity as they eat in my new car! I love this productand the ease that it brings my life! If you have young ones in yourlife or have young ones you are looking to purchase for thisChristmas then I recommend you take a look at Gryro Bowl! It reallyis a wonderful product!

Idid receive a product for the purpose of this review, However myopinion was used in this review and was not influenced in any way!All thoughts are my own and may vary from others. I do not handle themailing out of giveaway prizes and will not be held responsible forany mishaps that may occur to such items

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