Theo Teaching Children God’s Word Review!

TeachingChildren God’s Word
Outof all of the Childrens DVD’s I am able to review I must say that theones including God are by far the best? Why? Because they areuplifting and they teach the kids something beyond their ABC’s and123’s! They teach values that you can’t find at school!
Theois one of those uplifting Childrens Cartoons that I wish that I couldwatch all day every day with the kids! It is a DVD that I will returnto again and again to make sure that everything is in their littlebrains forever!
Thisamazing Theo DVD includes tales into the story’s of Abraham, Jonahand the Unforgiving Servant parable! Through the eyes of Theo and thetwo field mice Luther and Belfry!
Takethis journey with your kids! There really is nothing more specialthen living your life with the gospel! This wonderful Theo DVDcontains 3 beautifully written cartoons your whole family will enjoy!
Onthe Back
Didyou know that the same type of faith that saved Abraham, saves youand me? Kids will be entranced by Theo, a kind English theologian whoteaches what it means to have genuine, or “Saving” faith. Theoshares the story of Abraham to illustrate the life of a man whotrusted the promises of God and walked by faith. Just as the Lordpromised Abraham a son and fulfilled His promise, He promised aSavior to us And sent Jesus into the world at just the right time.
LovingGod and obeying Him are two peas in the same pod! If we love God, wewill obey Him. Luther and Belfry, two field mice that have befriendedTheo, lack obedience

Idid receive a product for the purpose of this review, However myopinion was used in this review and was not influenced in any way!All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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