The Voyages of Young Doctor Dolittle Review!

TheVoyages of Young Doctor Dolittle
Whatchild does not spend their time wishing they could talk to animals.My daughter wants more than anything to be a vet when she grows up sothe thought of being able to talk to the very animals she wants tohelp is amazing!
InThe Voyages of Young Doctor Dolittle the dreams of young children cancome alive. Doctor Dolittle is an extraordinary man who created anamazing island. But, somethings are becoming amiss and it takes hisnephew Young Dr. Dolittle to bring back peace and tranquility to theisland. But, can he do it before the army of army of gorillas takesover?
Ifound this movie to be very cute! As soon as it was over my daughterasked to watch it again, and then again! Not very often do we find amovie like this that she want’s to watch over and over!
Ifound the movie to he wholesome and entertaining! The characters werecaptivating and with the voices of Jane Seymour, Tim Curry and JasonAlexander you can’t go wrong! It was just an all around very cutemovie!
Onthe Back
JohnDolittle loves animals just like his uncle, Doctor Dolittle. WhenJohn is warned that animals are in danger, he jumps into his uncle’ssubmarine to help. When he arrives at Dolittle Island, he learns thatit has been taken over by Ramsey the Ram and his army of gorillas.With a little help from some new friends, John comes to the rescueand saves the island.

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