The Rise and Fall of Margaret Thatcher Review!

TheRise and Fall of Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher is someone who I did not really know much about prior towatching this film. I had heard of her a few times but to be honestcould not have told you anything about her life.
RecentlyI was able to review The Rise and Fall of Margaret Thatcher thanks toWarner Brothers. The movie told all of the aspects of MargaretThatcher from the beginning of her life when she is filled withdetermination all the way to her fall from power!
Ivery much liked how they portrayed this movie. It is of course abiography about her life but it is depicted in a way that you reallyget a sense of her character! If you are like me and love to learnmore about influential people from our History or if you would liketo get to know more about Margaret Thatcher then I recommend thisfilm!
Onthe Back
MargaretRoberts is an ambitious twenty-something research chemist on thefirst rungs of the ladder to Parliament. But is the ConservativeParty ready for a young woman to speak her mind? The Long Walk toFinchley imagines what Thatcher’s journey to power might have beenlike.
TheFalklands Play portrays the backroom story of the Falklands War. Theplay, once deemed too controversial to produce, provides a grippingaccount of how Margaret Thatcher and her government faced one of thebiggest crises in British foreign affairs
Thatcher’sastonishing downfall was one of the most extraordinary stories ofpolitical assassinations ever seen. This intimate portrayal shows theprivate figure behind the public persona as she loses the one thingshe really cares about – power.

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