The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That: Tricks and Treats DVD Review and Giveaway!

TheCat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!
Tricksand Treats DVD
Dr. Seuss is one of those classic authors that will never be duplicated!His timeless classics will live on in the hearts of children forever!One of his most popular books ever is The Cat in the Hat so it was no surprise to me when this fun loving book became a cartoon!
Mydaughter loves The Cat in the Hat as do I! We were able to cuddle onthe couch the other night to watch this kooky cartoon! It was ablast!
The Cat in the Hat Tricks and Treats has three fun cartoons that yourchildren will love! Batty for Bats, Aye Aye!, and Trick or Treat!Each cartoon of course is filled with fun and interesting charactersthat you will only find in the world of The Cat in the Hat! Take anadventure with The Cat, Nick and Sally! You will be glad you did!
Onthe Back
Anew spooky adventure this DVD brings, with The Cat, Nick and Sally,Fish and the Things. Meet the eeriest critters you’ve ever seen,arrived just in time for Halloween!
There’llbe lots of tricks and of course lots of treats, to share with theanimal friends you will meet! There’s a coconut crab, spider monkeysand bats, and plenty more fun with The Cat in the Hat!Good Luck!

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