WordWorld Kooky Spooky Halloween Review and Giveaway!

KookySpooky Halloween
WordWorld is one of those amazing cartoons that I love to watch with thechildren! What a brilliant idea to make everything in the cartoonspell it’s own name! That right there is educational and you have noteven got me started on the rest of this fun upbeat cartoon!
WordWorldis about a group of animals that live in a world filled with words.They have to find letters to build the words of the items they want.The concept of this cartoon is truly outstanding! In Kooky Spooky Halloween your child will watch as the animals have to solve amystery of one of their beloved letters being stolen by a ghost! Butis it really a ghost? You will have to watch and see!
Inthe second cartoon on this DVD the children will be captivated by theWordFriends as they learn the meaning of kindness and sharing!
Makethis Halloween special with WordWorld’s Kooky Spooky Halloween DVD!
Onthe Back
AKooky Spooky Halloween
TheWordFriends get their share of scares the night before Halloween,when Pig sleep walks and everyone thinks he’s a ghost.
Sheep’sHalloween Costume
Sheepis making herself a super special fairy costume to wear for the bigHalloween Party. But what will she do when her WordFriends needpieces of her costume for their own use?
Good Luck!

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