Merry Christmas Nickelodeon


Nickelodeonhas done it again! This time with an all express pass to Christmaswith your favorite cartoons! Dora, Blue, Diego, Team Umizoomi, WonderPets, and Kai-lan!

Ihad the pleasure of reviewing Merry Christmas Nickelodeon! It was 148minutes of Christmas fun!
Christmasis such an amazing time of year! I love being able to watch all ofthe holiday magic unfold with cartoons and movies that I can watchwith the whole family! This year I know that Merry ChristmasNickelodeon will be at the top of my list of must see’s!
OnThe Back
Dorathe Explorer
APresent for Santa”
FelizNavidad! Merry Christmas! Dora and Boots want to bring Santa apresent. But to get all the way to the North Pole, they’ll need someholiday help from YOU!
Blue’sFirst Holiday”
Findout how it all began on Blue’s first holiday when Little Steve, BabyJoe and all their baby friends first met Blue AND played their firstgame of Blue’s Clues too!
Go,Diego, Go!
DiegoSaves Christmas”
It’sChristmas Eve, but Santa’s sleigh is stuck atop a snowy mountain! Ohno! Diego needs help from Linda the Llama and you to climbt hatmountain and save Christmas!
Santa’sLittle Fixers”
It’sChristmas Eve and someone calls in on the Umi Alarm from faraway…Santa Claus! Santa’s toy-making machine is broken, and TeamUmizoomi needs your help to fix it quickly!
Savethe Reindeer
It’sa Christmas Eve adventure to the North Pole when the WonderPets setout to rescure Santa’s lost Baby Reindeer…and save Christmast too!
NiHao, Kai-lan
TheSnowiest Ride”
Kai-lanhelps Tolee overcome his fear of sledding by taking things little bylittle. First they sled down a small hill, then a medium-sized hill,then finally the big hill!
Good Luck!

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