Hasbro Brain Breaks Giveaway!

MyThoughts on Cranium Brain Breaks
Itis no secret how much I love Hasbro games! My family plays boardgames all of the time but we don’t always have an hour or more tofinish some of the games that we start! That is one of my topfavorite features about Brain Breaks! I am blown away by how fast andeasy it is to play! We can literally play for 2 minutes or we canplay for hours! The choice is up to us!
BrainBreaks has all of the Cranium fun that you are used to! Acting,Sketching, Sculpting, and word puzzles! Just draw a card and let thefun begin!
BrainBrakes is recommended for ages 8+ but was played easily with my 6year old! We had a blast acting out parts, sketching what the cardtold us and sculpting the clay! I am sure your family will have asmuch fun as mine did!

Good Luck!

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