Personalize & I Like Book"! Great for Self Esteem and Stocking Stuffers!

Teaching your children to have self esteem and confidence can be hard in this day in age where kids are so used to being teased. One way I have found to help my daughter find love for herself is to point out the wonderful things I like about her each day!

Today as I was browsing around the web I came across these amazing “I LIKE BOOK‘s” I instantly fell in love with them! You can personalize each book for your loved one and make it as special as you like! These would make great stocking stuffers! You can purchase these books for just $10 each with FREE Shipping!

Here’s a little blurb from the web site!…remember to read the terms at the bottom

Today’s deal is the I LIKE BOOK, an eco-friendly interactive book designed to bring parents closer with their children.
This ground breaking book is changing the way parents communicate with their children. It is a grass roots effort to build up a child’s self-esteem while opening communication with parents.
Each page has great graphics, places to doodle and space for recording things that they “LIKE” about their child. Not only does this allow you to focus on the positive things that you children do, but it becomes a family memory book!
The book is designed for 12 months of ‘likes’ from the parents to the kiddos to create authentic communication and build up their children one ‘like’ at a time.

Limit 10 per person and 10 to gift
6 months expiration from date of purchase

Get yours TODAY!

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