Find the Upside of Down Times by Dr.Rob Pennington!

Findthe Upside of the Down Times
Dr.Rob Pennington
Thefirst line of this book had me hooked! “I was Shot in the Centerof the Chest…It was one of the best things that ever happened tome.” When you read something like that you tend to want to knowmore! That was such an unexpected opening to this book! From there onI could not put it down! I had to know why all these unexpectedevents that occurred in Dr. Rob Penington’s life were so wonderful!
Dr. Rob Pennington is a man who really knows how to put things inperspective! Not only does he show you the importance of takingeverything in stride but he also has great tips on how to let go ofthe bad and think positive!
Thereare 9 chapters in this book focusing on Life Lessons that Dr. RobPennington has had throughout his life. You will learn how to findthe good in everything that happens in your life! Even it that meanslooking on the bright side when you lose a job or even your home.
Iam a positive person. When something discouraging happens in life Iam always the one to remind my husband that everything happens for areason. Sometimes it might take awhile for us to understand thatreason but eventually it will click!
Dr.Rob Pennington also taught me that we need to look at everything in apositive light! If we tell ourselves “It will never get better,”or “There is nothing that can be done.” Then we will never findthe answer! We need to say “What can I do to change it?” Havepositive thoughts and we will get positive results!
Thereare also many wonderful ideas in this book about how to keep mymarriage going! Even without having to come out and say it I was ableto think on what Dr. Rob Pennington was saying and relay it into myown life and my marriage!
Ihave always enjoyed a good Self Help book but to be honest it isreally hard for me to find one that keeps my interest. Find the Upside of Down Times was and exceptional book that I really wanted toread from cover to cover and I am sure glad I did!
Onthe Back
Weall have overwhelming, depressing, unfortunate, or simply unfairexperiences we describe to other people as, “It was one of theworst things that ever happened to me.” But then we stop. When welearn, as the author of this book did, to view these challenges in adifferent way, we can turn our worst experiences into our bestopportunities. When the times start to drag you down, you can still:
Turnyour worries into positive action plans, Turn your fears intoopportunities for hope and help, and Turn your life into somethingbetter than you thought possible!

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