Jake and the Never Land Pirates Review!

Jakeand the Never Land Pirates
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Jakeand the Never Land Pirates is a cartoon that I have been recentlystarted watching at my house. With my daughter in school it justleaves me and the two 3 year olds at home and Jake is just theperfect cartoon to captivate their attention! Plus knowing it isDisney can keep my heart assured that it is good for their littleeyes!

Untilthis DVD I had not really paid much attention to this cartoon. I knewthat it was on Disney but other than that could not have told youanything else about it. Now that I have been able to sit and actuallywatch it with my family I am glad that I was given this chance!
Disneyhit the nail right on the head with this cartoon! Pirates just seemto be the ‘in’ thing these days and with fun characters and educationyou can’t go wrong! I also love how Disney has incorporated CaptainHook and Mr.Smee! How fun!
Butthe fun does not stop with just the DVD! Jake and the Never LandPirates Yo Ho, Mateys Away! Is a 2 Disc Combo pack that also includesan eye patch and a sampler CD of fun songs!
OnThe Back
Setsail for adventure just off the shores of Never Land. Join Jake, Izzyand Cubby, parrot pal Skully and their trusty ship, Bucky, as theygo from muddy swamps to enchanted jungles, solving pirate problemsand hunting for lost treasure. But watch out for Captain Hook! Withthe help of faithful Mr. Smee, Hook is always trying to snatch thekids treasure, and its going to take teamwork, smarts and even pixiedust to outwit him. Overflowing with 7 action-packed episodes JakeAnd The Never Land Pirates is swashbuckling fun for everyone!

Idid receive a product for the purpose of this review, However myopinion was used in this review and was not influenced in any way!All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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