Dora’s Storybook Adventures Review!

Dora’sStorybook Adventures
Itis no secret that I love Dora! My daughter (age 6) has loved thiscartoon since she was a very young child and I can honestly say thatDora has taught my daughter a lot over past few years! For exampleDora helped her to learn her shapes and colors when she was a toddlerand now Ashes is learning new Spanish words with each episode! I loveit!
RecentlyI was able to review Dora’s Storybook Adventures thanks toNickelodeon! The Fairytale Adventures contain not one, not two, butTHREE Dora Movies that are sure to please!
FairytaleAdventure, Dora saves the Snow Princess, and Dora Saves the CrystalKingdom! Each Dora DVD comes packed full of fun Dora Cartoons!
FairyTaleAdventure- Once upon a time, Dora and Boots went exploring inFairytale Land. But when Boots falls under a mean witch’s spell, Doramust set out on her toughest adventure yet – she must become a trueprincess to awaken Sleeping Boots! Will you help her become laPrincesa Dora?
DoraSaves the Crystal Kingdom- The greedy King has taken the crystals anddrained the Crystal Kingdom of its color! Jump into Dora’s storybookwith her on an epic quest to recover the crystals. She’ll need yourhelp facing knights, dragons, magicians, and more to bring color backto the kingdom! – Also contains First Day of School and Boots BananaWish
DoraSaves the Snow Princess- When a mean witch traps the Snow Princess ina tower, Dora and friends need your help to jump right into astorybook and join the Snow Fairy on a quest to rescue the SnowPrincess and save the melting Snowy Forest! – Also contains Dora’sJack-in-the-Box and Bark, Bark to Play Park!

Idid receive a product for the purpose of this review, However myopinion was used in this review and was not influenced in any way!All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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