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My Thoughts on TalentiGelato
Imust say that I love reviewing products! I am introduced to so manyof them that I would have never known about otherwise! For example…
Ihave only had Gelato once in my life. It was at a local shop and Iremember thinking “Wow, This is Amazing.” But I also knew that Iwould not be back to that side of town in awhile to have anothertaste. I was right…two years later and I had never again triedGelato. That was until I was able to review Talenti Gelato! Littledid I know that Gelato was closer than I thought! In fact I waspassing it by each and every time I was at the ice cream section inmy local grocery store!
Iwas able to try four amazing Talenti Gelato flavors! Sea SaltCaramel, Belgian Milk Chocolate, Caramel Cookie Crunch and TahitianVanilla Bean! Each of them were Wonderful!
SeaSalt Caramel – This was my most favorite of the Talenti that I wasable to try! I did not know how Sea Salt would be in Gelato but WOW!It was amazing! The caramel pieces mixed with the silky softness ofthe Gelato was Heavenly!
BelgianMilk Chocolate- This was my hubby’s favorite out of the Talenti wepurchased! Rich chocolate flavor filled each and every bite! I lovedit as well and it truly had a beautiful chocolate flavor!
CaramelCookie Crunch- Cookie is usually my all time favorite flavor of icecream so of course I had to give this Talenti Gelato flavor a try!There were wonderful cookie pieces in this delightful Gelato as wellas caramel throughout all of it as well! Wonderful!
TahitianVanilla Bean- this came in a close second to be my favorite! It hadthe most wonderful Vanilla Flavor and Vanilla is my most favoriteflavor in anything!
Talentiis 100% Natural and uses the finest ingredients! They are KosherCertified and Gluten Free with the exception of the Caramel CookieCrunch. 

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