Rock N Learn Multiplication Country Review and Giveaway!

MyThoughts on Multiplication Country
Forthe past two weeks my 1stgrader has been bringing home Times Tables to study. She has most ofthem down pat but I knew that for her little 6 year old mind to getthe bigger numbers (6 and above) she was going to need some help!
Rock ‘N Learn could not have contacted me at a better time! I was tryingto find something to help her along and their e-mail solved my wholeproblem! I was able to review Multiplication Country! I choose theCountry version of this CD as it is my daughters favorite type ofmusic! I knew that she would be able to relate to the tune and beable to hear what they were saying in a fun way that she could relateto!
TheMultiplication Country Audio CD came an educational book for mydaughter to read along with and fill out! I loved he interaction thatshe was given along with the CD! Each tune was catchy and fun! Thereare songs set aside for all numbers 1-12 and it goes through all ofthe times tables!
Thisis not my first time using Rock ‘N Learn‘s material to educate mydaughter! They have so many fun educational materials to choose from!I know that you can’t go wrong when it comes to Rock ‘N Learn!
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