Scrabble Alphabet Scoop Review and Giveaway!

Hasbro’s Scrabble

Hasbrojust keeps coming up with the most amazingly fun games! I can’t seemto get enough and neither can my family! Most recently we were ableto review Scrabble’s Alphabet Scoop! Such a fun twist to the game ofScrabble and it even teaches kids spelling in a fun way!

Scrabble Alphabet Scoop comes with a pot filled with letters! Each playergrabs a card with a list of words on it. You then get to choose whatword you would like to match! There are 5 different words on eachcard in order from easiest to hardest!Then when you say “Go”Everyone races to scoop out letters and match them up to their word!The first person to match their words with the scooped out lettersgets to slam the lid back on the pot and they win!
Scrabble Alphabet Scoop is for children ages 6+ and can be played with 2-4players! This is a fun game for the whole family!
OnThe Back
Scoop,Match, Slam & Score!
Stirup the pot of fast-action, word-forming fun that will challengeeveryone in your family!
Takea card. Choose a word. Then start scooping out tiles. If you’re thefirst to match letters in your word, slam on the lid to score!

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Good Luck!

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