In Search of the Light Childrens Book Review and Giveaway!

InSearch of the Light
by:Leonard Jacobson

Upliftingis the best word I can use to describe this book.

Inthe story In Search of the Light there are animals that are afraidthat the light is going away. They decide to embark on a journey tofind the light and bring it back to their beloved home. On theirjourney they will discover new life as well as places never imagined.They will be afraid and want to turn back but will they?
In Search of the Light has chapters in it which is not something youfind much with picture books. This was wonderful as it allowed me toread a fully story to the kids instead of a few words here and there.They were memorized by the events in this book and could not wait forme to turn the page so they could see the magical pictures that wentalong with the words.
Theend of the book was wonderful! That is all I am going to say as Iwould like to encourage you all to find this book and read it to yourchildren! It has a message that each of them should learn!
Onthe Back
Spiritualteacher Leonard Jacobson shares some of the secrets to finding inner joy and happiness in this beautiful illustrated story which helpschildren to overcome fear and judgment and find that quiet innerplace of peace and silence.
Comeon a journey of discovery with Ned the Horse, Peter Rabbit, Bert thebrave little Bumblebee and Molly Mouse as they set off in search ofthe light.
Guidedby the wind, our reluctant heroes pass through the forest of fear,eventually finding their way to a land where nothing seems right. Following instructions given to them by several wise characters theymeet along the way, they discover a path which leads them straight tothe source of the light. When they find-what they are searching for,they are so amazed that they laugh and dance with joy and delight. 

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