Meet Einstein Childrens Book Review and Giveaway!

by:Mariela Kleiner
FinallyI have found the most perfect childrens book for my little girl! As amini scientist she is always wanting to learn about the earth and howeverything works! This book talks about everything that she does!From the moment I opened up the cover I knew this book was perfect asthe first thing I saw was a double page filled with items such asBinoculars, Thermometer, Beakers, Telescope, Petri Dish, BunsenBurner etc…with a short definition that my daughter couldunderstand for each of them!
Thebook walked you through what it meant to be a scientist as well assome of the amazing discoveries that Einstein had! Gravity, andElectricity filled the pages with fun knowledge that my daughtercould comprehend! Plus the end of the book has something that you allknow I love! An Educational ending where the parents can get involvedwith their children and quiz them as well as teach them! With funfacts about Einstein as well as questions to ask them to aid infurthering their knowledge! Thanks Mariela Kleiner for writing such afun book!
Onthe Back
Meet Einstein, He is a scientist who loves to study light and gravity.Einstein helps to introduce your kids to science, and show them thatthey are already great scientists!
Lightand gravity are concepts that preschoolers are ready to learn. Helpthem make the connections in everything they see and do, and teachthem that science is all around them. 

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