Snowball’s Antarctic Adventures Review and Giveaway!

Snowball’sAntarctic Adventures
by:Master Photographer Tim Ostermeyer
Thisis the first time I have ever read a childrens book by a Master Photographer! It brings a whole new twist to the story as the bookgoes along with stunning real life pictures taken by none other thanTim Ostermeyer himself! Not only was the story cute and somethingthat every child would fall in love with but it brings a newperspective as the child can see the real life living of thePenguins! I found this book to be adorable and fun and it hassomething for everyone! Great Job Tim Ostermeyer!
OnThe Back
WhenSnowball realizes that all he can see is other Emperor Penguins, hedecides to explore Antarctica with his Emperor penguin friends. Theytour Antarctica to find five other types of wildlife, locatebeautiful Antarctic snow mountains, discover scenic icebergs, andtreasure fun adventures. What kind of Antarctic wildlife willSnowball find? What shape mountains and icebergs will Snowballdiscover? Will he ride on his mother’s feet the entire trip, or willhe start to walk on his own? Join Snowball as he has the time of hislife exploring Antarctica.
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