Neutrogena Skin ID! Have you taken the test?

Have You taken the Skin ID test?

Acne is something I have unfortunately suffered with since my teen years. Hoping it would go away when I reached my 20’s I learned that, that was not in the cards for me. So after testing out many different products I have finally found one that I really do like. Neutrogena Skin ID atent-pending skiniD! Right now you can take the Skin ID test and figure out what is your Skin ID!

The Skin ID Test is a series of questions that were developed by leading Dermatologists that will enable them to determine a regimen that is perfect for you and your skin!

Each 3- product skiniD regimen features the perfect amount of active ingredients to cleanse, treat and protect your skin. There are over 25 personalized regimens available so matching your skin to the perfect regimen will be a cinch!

Take your skiniD challenge now and find out your Skin ID! Don’t wait a minute longer for clear skin! Do it now!

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