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Connect4 Launchers
AFrantic, Fast Flying 4-in-a-Row Game
Ilove the new spin Hasbro has been adding to most of their classicgames! Recently I was able to review Connect 4 Launchers! Connect 4was one of my favorite games as a child and the launchers give thegame a whole new perspective!
Theobject of the game is much the same as you are trying to make 4 in arow! But this time you are not as in control as you were before! Whatdo I mean by that? Well Connect 4’s new game comes with launchers foryou to shoot your pieces into the slot you want! But….what you aimfor might not be where you land! There is also two different spotsfor your game tokens to go! Top or Bottom! It does not matter wherethey land just as long as you can make 4 in a row before youropponent!
Thelaunchers were very fun for our family! We enjoyed this gameespecially because it gave us the option to cover up our opponentspiece! For example if my husbands yellow circle landed in a slot thanI had the opportunity to play my red token in that same slot to voidhis out! There is so much excitement that goes along with this game!Your family will love it!
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