Scunci Design Weaver Review and Giveaway!

Scunci– Design Weaver
Itis no secret just how much I love Scunci! It seems like I have neverused a product of theirs that I did not fall in love withimmediately! Recently my new love is the Scunci Design Weaver! I amable to create so many beautiful designs and the possibilities areendless! With the Design Weaver I can do any type of up-do that Imight want that day! Then I can take the handy Design Weaver tool andplace a color(s) of my choice into the tool! I then just need toweave it into my hair wherever I would like it to go! It literallytakes me a matter of seconds to create a stunning new style!

ScunciDesign Weaver is perfect for everyday casual wear but also will be acinch to add class to your hair for a dinner party, wedding, prom,etc… Plus my daughter loves it because she can move around and playwithout her hair getting in her way! Often times I will pick her upfrom school and she will be missing her clips, barrets, etc…butwith Design Weaver all it takes is one hair tie and the DesignWeaver! She loves it and she actually keeps it in her hair throughoutthe day!
Ifyou are looking for a great way to dress up your hair I suggest youlook into Scunci! Even if the DesignWeaver is not for you I know youcan find something made by Scunci that is! 
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