Noah’s Ark of Fun Floor Puzzle Review!

GiantFloor Puzzle -Noah’s Ark of Fun
Asa young child my daughter learned to build puzzles! She spent much ofher time at her Great Grandma’s house building puzzle after puzzlewhen she was just 2 years old! They were no small puzzles either! Iam talking about 20 piece puzzles!
Nowthat I babysit 2 little boys age 3 I like to pull out a puzzle nowand then to entertain them! Recently I have been able to entertainthem with a 36 piece Giant Floor Puzzle! I mean what kid would not bein love with a puzzle that covers the entire kitchen floor?
The Giant Floor Puzzle is 3 feet x 2 feet! Now that’s HUGE! Especially inthe mind of a child! I also love how nice the pieces are for the kidsto manage! They are big as well and very sturdy!
Puzzlesare a way for children to have fun while allowing their minds togrow! Puzzles can help them to build so many different skills thatthey need as children! Thanks to the Great American Puzzle Factory Iknow that I will be able to have great puzzles for the kids to growwith! They really are wonderful quality and oh so many choices!
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