FREE Old Navy Flip Flops with Crowdtap!

Generic125x125Some of you might remember a few weeks ago when everyone was posting about FREE Old Navy Pants? They were through Crowdtap and guess what? Crowdtap is at it again! This time it is with Old Navy Flip Flops! Did you get the invite? I did!!!

So how do you get started? Just visit Crowdtap and sign up! Then you will have a few ‘Quick Hits’ to fill out! It takes about 10 minutes and you will move up the levels quickly! Then check your New Actions Tab to see if you have an Old Navy Invite! The Actions go fast so you might want to be ready!

Each day you can sign in and do more Quick Hits! The higher up in levels the more often you will score FREE Stuff! It really is that easy! I recommend you sign up for Crowdtap now!

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