Nickelodeon’s Go Diego Go: Fiercest Animal Rescures Review!

Nickelodeon’sGo Diego Go
FiercestAnimal Rescues
Diegois a huge hit at my house. With two 3 year old boys we can’t seem toget enough! Diego’s Fiercest Animal Rescues is packed full of greatfun and 5 animals that are not typically in need of rescue! Gorillas,Grizzly Bears, Hippos, Octopus, and Jaguar! Plus this awesome DVDcontains a Bonus Never seen before Episode!
Ilove the Diego cartoons! Why? Because not only do they captivate thechildrens attention but they are also educational! They childrenlearn about animals and different places.
GoDiego Go: Fiercest Animal Rescues is 92 minutes of fun colorfulaction! You won’t want to miss a single second and neither will yourlittle one!
Onthe Back
Fierceanimals need rescuing too! Join Diego as he travels the world to helpfierce fauna like and octopus, a gorilla, a jaguar and more!
Cotton-TopTamarin Cave Rescue: Journey to the Colombian rainforest where Diegoneeds your help to rescure a lonely cotton-top tamarin lost in acave. Al rescate!
Pampasand Friends Help the Rescue Center: Lots of animals at the RescureCenter need Diego’s help, especially a Pampas cat and her missingkittens! Will you help too?
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