Chicken Soup for the Soul: Just for Teenagers Review and Giveaway!

Chicken Soup for the Soul
Just for Teenagers: 101 Stories of Inspiration and Support for Teens
It can be hard to be a teenager. I remember the trials that I went through and I can’t imagine what kids deal with in this day in age! It is crazy! Chicken Soup for the Soul has a book that will inspire, lift up, and encourage your teen. Filled with stories that the teen’s can relate too and advice that they may be seeking! Stories about Friendship, Life Lessons, Liking Yourself, Love and Relationships, Family Ties, Tough Times, Taking a Stand, Giving and Getting Kindness, Funny Moments, Setting and Reaching Your Goals, and more!
This book would have been a life saver in so many different situations when I was in high school. I remember crying over boyfriends, pure pressure, etc….It can be hard and many times it is hard to know what to do when you are faced with those situations!
Each story in this book is written by a teen that has been through these situations. Knowing that as you are reading the stories you are reading the words of a peer that has been in the same situation can really help you to put things into perspective!
I love Chicken Soup books! I can’t get enough of the uplifting stories! If you have a teen in your life I encourage you to check out this book! It really could make a difference!
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