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NoMore Bugz!
Livingin the Colorado Mountains I am no stranger to bugs! We have a lot ofmosquito’s this time of year! In fact my news channel said that localscientists have caught over 43 different species of mosquito’s thisweek as they check them for West Nile. Okay so what is this allabout? Why am I talking bugs? Well because I have an awesome Natural Mosquito repellent to let you all know about!
GreenGirls Market has an all Natural Insect Repellent! Plus they kidsdon’t mind the smell!
TheNo More Bugz is easy to use! It is like an over sized chapstick andcan be applied quickly! I also like how soft it makes my skin! Alsothe kids can apply it themselves without getting any painful spraysin their eyes! Amazing!
Soenough about that how did it work? Well wonderful of course! I havebeen applying this amazing Organic No More Bugz each time I leave myhouse in the evening! We have been hosting BBQ’s and spending time inthe mountains and I have not been bit once! Can you believe that? Iam being for real! Plus I can now use this on one of my day care kidswho is allergic to most repellents and is also allergic tomosquito’s! This is a win, win for him!
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