NutriSystem Blogger Week 7 – #NSNation

WaHoo! I dropped a pants size!

Okay so I must admit that I have been discouraged each time I step on the scale! I am watching other NutriSystem bloggers lose pounds fast and I don’t seem to be doing that…but every body is different right? So I keep chugging right along….well guess what? It IS paying off! I broke down and went shopping the other day! I grabbed a few jeans off the rack in the size that I have been wearing for the past year…They were TOO BIG! YAY!

I am thrilled with this NutriSystem journey I have had! The food is amazing and I can feel a difference in my energy level as well as how I feel about myself! I might not be losing “pounds” each week but I am losing inches and those add up!

Bust –51.5
Waist– 42 (down 1)
Arm– 16 (down .25)
Hip– 56 (down .5)
Thigh– 31.5 
Calf– 20 
Total lost in Inches =  8.5
This week weigh in! 288.8! Down 4.8 lbs!
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