Have you checked out SavingStar?

Recently I have been seeing more and more about SavingStar! To be honest I was not real sure about what the company was for but now that I have checked into it a little more I am in love!

SavingStar is a paperless coupon site that will allow you to upload coupons onto your favorite grocery and drugstore loyalty cards. (Except Safeway and Publix stores)

So how does the process work? After placing the coupon on the card you will then have your card scanned at checkout. Then SavingStar will then add the amount from the coupon into your online account that you can later transfer over to your paypal, bank account, or even be paid in gift cards like Amazon!

Plus with SavingStar you are able to use the coupon on your card as well as a paper coupon! That’s twice the savings! You can visit HERE to check out SavingStar!

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