Swagbucks NEW Policy!

For the past few years I have been using Swagbucks on a daily basis to score myself FREE Gift Cards! I love Swagbucks because it is SO easy to use and SO easy to score FREE Stuff! But up until now I was the only one in my household that was able to score the awesome bucks and FREE Stuff!

Today Swagbucks announced on their blog that they were going to make a few changes to their policy! Swagbucks previously only allowed one account per household…but now you can have one account per member! What does that mean? Well now my husband, and daughter, and whom ever else might one day live with me, can have a Swag account of their own! Awesome!

This is still only one account PER PERSON but now everyone in your household can have their own account! My husband will love this since we both like Gift Cards from different places!

Don’t forget you are able to score Swagbucks for searching the net,  Taking Surveys, Watching Videos, Playing Games, Voting in Daily Polls, and Completing Special Offers! It really is that easy! Plus when you rack up enough (which you will often!) You can cash in those bucks for FREE items! Apparel & Accessories, Books & Magazines, Consoles & Video Games, Digital Walpapers, Eco-Swag, Electronics, For the Kids, Gift & Rewards Cards, Greeting Cards, Health & Beauty, Jewelry, Kitchen Essentials, Movies & TV, and Music! See Something for everyone!

Not a Member, or have another person in your household that would like to be a member? You can Sign Up HERE! Why not get paid for searching the internet just the same as you do every day anyway?


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