NutriSystem Blogger Week 6! #NSNation

Yep! I did it! Just what I said I would do! I am in the 280’s! I have not been here for a year so this was exciting for me this week! It has also been 6 weeks now and I am still in love with the Nutrisystem food! I love that I can chance it up and customize each meal to fit what I am in the mood for! With so many options of fruits and veggies I don’t think I could ever get tired of it!

This week I have also added a new workout to my routine! My husband has decided he would like to start a weight-loss journey with me so we have now purchased new bicycles for us and our daughter! For the past two nights we have went for a one hour bike ride together! I am excited to see how that will help aid in my weight loss! Maybe by the end of this week I will have lost more than just a pound at a time! That is my new goal! But, regardless I am losing weight and I am thrilled each week with my drop in pounds as well as inches! Can’t wait till next Friday when I will weigh in again!

Bust –51.5
Waist– 43
Arm– 16.25
Hip– 56.5
Thigh– 31.5 (down .5″)
Calf– 20 (down 1″)
This week weigh in! 298.8! Down 4.8 lbs!
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