Calabasas Candy Co. Caramel Review and Giveaway (Rafflecopter)


My Thoughts on Calabasas Candy Co.
MMMmm Caramel! Who does not LOVE caramel? That was exactly what I had the pleasure of reviewing through Calabasas Candy Co.! But it was not just regular caramel! Oh no! They go a step above the rest and make Coffee Caramel, Dark Chocolate Pecan Caramel, Licorice Caramel, Lavender Caramel, Strawberry Caramel, Lemon Zest Caramel, Vanilla Caramel, Pecan Caramel, Fleur de Sel Chocolate Caramel, Cream Caramel, Fleur de Sel Caramel, Peruvian Dark Chocolate Caramel, and so many more!
I was sent a variety of caramels to try! I could not wait to get my hands on the caramel and checked the mail every day in anticipation of its arrival!
Lavander Caramel This was the first one that I tried. Why? Because it was the most unusual and the one that I thought I might not like so I wanted to work my way up to what I thought was going to be the best. I must admit that the Lavender tasted nothing like what I thought it would. It was sweet and divine! If not for the color and slight scent I would have never known it was lavender. I could only taste a hint of it and really enjoyed it! It was simply wonderful!
Strawberry Caramel- I have never before seen or tried strawberry flavored caramel! I simply don’t know why more companies don’t make it as it was a wonderful mix of flavors! I could smell and taste the caramel right away and loved the creamy texture! I could eat Calabasas Strawberry Caramel all day long!! Yummy!
Coffee Caramel- I am a huge fan of coffee flavored anything. I don’t know why but I like the flavor of coffee..not when I drink it but in cake and candy it’s wonderful! Crazy right? Well the Coffee and Caramel went hand in hand just as I knew it would! Yet another positively perfect buttery coffee flavor!
Cream Caramel- I could instantly taste the butter! It was heavenly! I treasured each and every bite of this caramel! To be honest it is the best that I have EVER had!
What a true pleasure it was to eat Calabasas Caramels! Each piece was double the size of a typical caramel and the softness was unbelievable! Chewy, Gooey, PERFECT!
Don’t like Caramel? That’s okay as well! Calabasas Candy Co. has SO many different candy options available!
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