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MyThoughts on Douglas Cuddle Toy
There is nothing morecomforting to a child than their stuffed animal. I know that even nowat age 27 I still have those special stuffed animals put away in asafe place from when I was a child. really knows how to make an amazing stuffedanimal! I know this because I was recently able to review a JunoAqua/Pink Monkey from Douglas Toys. When I first opened the box I wasblown away by all the color! Blues, Pinks, and Greens! Simplystunning! I just had to reach out and grab this beautifully designedmonkey! When I did my hands hit pure softness! One of the mostsoftest stuffed animals I have ever felt and I knew instantly how amazing their kid’s toys really were!
I must admit that I had aVERY hard time when choosing an item to review. I have never been toa web site that had SO MANY amazing cuddle toys! So many differentcategories and then lots of different animals and such to choose fromwhen you finally have a category narrowed down! I love all of theoptions and could truly spend hours looking through all of thedetailed cuddle toys that Douglas has to offer.
Categories include BabyPlush Toys, Plush Dogs, Plush Bags & Purses, Stuffed Cats,Stuffed Horses, Cold Weather Animals, Plush Wildlife & Farm,Plush Sea Life, Stuffed Teddy Bears, Unicorns & Dragons,toy dinosaurs & Beasts, Fuzzles, Rare Douglas & Specials,Christine Clarke, Sillo Purses and even girl purses!
I love how easy the site isto navigate! If you are looking for a specific animal it is so easyto find! Birds of Prey, Stuffed Bulls and Steers, Jungle Animals!They really do have it all!
I am excited because thisweek is the week that I will be taking a load of donated review itemsto the childrens hospital. This beautiful little monkey will be amongthem as I know that it will put a huge smile on the face of a child.Douglas really has amazing Lil Snugglers that will be more than just atoy to your child. It will be a friend! Someone to cry on, someone tohold when they are scared, someone to talk to when they need an earto listen! I know that I turned to my stuffed animals as does mydaughter and probably yours!
Youmay visit HERE to make a purchase!
ONElucky US readers will win a Douglas Cuddle Toy of Choice!!!

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