NutriSystem Blogger Week 5! #NSNation

Afterlast week I was not excited for the week ahead! I worked very hardnot to gain weight this week but at the same time my mind set was notwhere it should have been. The three days before my weigh in Idecided that I needed to be on the right track and to be honest myheart felt guilty for not putting my all into my weight loss! But, Iguess that paid off in the end because I lost weight again this week!Yep! That’s right! I am down to 290.2!!!!!
Bust –51.5
Waist– 43 (down 1.5)
Arm– 16.25 (down .5)
Hip– 56.5
Thigh– 32
Calf– 21
Iam so excited for what this week will hold! I have not been in the280’s for a year and I am hoping to be there for my weigh in thisnext week! How wonderful! Thank you Nutrisystem! Such a wonderfulexperience this has been!
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