AMAZON GIFT CODE CARD HUNT Giveaway!! + Many chances to WIN!

I have partnered up with a few other blogs to have a fun Scavenger Hunt tomorrow (6/28) at 2PM EST! We will be posting clues on our facebook pages and you get the chance to race others to find Amazon Codes! Here’s how it works….
You will need to sign into your account! Don’t have an account? Create one HERE!
After you have signed in you will need to click on ‘Your Account’ in the upper right hand corner.
Then scroll down to ‘Apply Gift Card to Your Account’ under the Gift Card section!
When be begin we will post on our facebook pages where to go first. I will be using my new Fan Page so if you want to participate I recommend you fan it now! HERE!
At 2PM EST I will post on my facebook page where to go for your first clue! There will be many blogs participating and each blog will have an Amazon Gift Code for you! So there will be many chances to win! Good Luck! If you have ANY questions please just ask! I’ll be happy to help in any way!

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