Nutrisystem Blogger! #NSNation – Week 4


NutrisystemWeigh In Week 4
Okayso this week has by far been my hardest week. We had a family reunioncamping trip as well as a car show. Not easy to stay on my diet whilewe are away from home. But, all in all I think I did really good! Mybiggest downfall that I know I failed at was my water intake! I knowthat I probably only had ¼ of the water that I should have! I thinkI am paying for it now by retaining more water than normal (as I amknown to retain a lot of water). Oh well! It has just re-motivated meand made me want to work even harder this week! I have also now addedan hour long exercise routine to my day and I am excited to see theresults ahead with this new venture! So far the kids find it excitingbecause we can do it together! What fun!
Asfar as the Nutrisystem Foods go I still can’t believe how amazingthey really are! I look forward to my meals especially dinner as I amin love with their Mushroom Risotto! Yummy!
Okayso here are my weekly measurements…I know that the inches haveincreased which was a big bummer to me..but I am also hoping that itis because of the water retention from my busy week!
290.6(I LOST .02lbs!)
Iam down 4lbs total!!!
Bust– 51.5 (down .5 total)
Waist– 44.5 (down .5 total)
Arm– 16.75 (Up .25 🙁 )
Hip– 56.5 (down 1.5 total)
Thigh– 32 (down 1” total)
Calf– 21 (same)
Itis so exciting to see my weight drop! I can’t believe I am so luckyto be a Nutrisystem Blogger!
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