My Weekend!

I know that I said the weekends would be filled with Reviews and Giveaways (and they will be) but this weekend I was not around to post as much as I might have liked! But, hey…that’s okay! I spent the weekend with my husband and daughter at a car show! It was exciting because there were three of his projects in the show this year and we could not wait to show off his talent! So with that being said here are a few of my favorite photo’s from our weekend! ….AND I wanted to say Happy Fathers Day to all you Dad’s out there! I would LOVE to hear about your weekend! Anyone do anything fun for Fathers Day!

 This is our latest project and the car that we brought to the show. It is a 1971 Austin Mini…right side drive..and SO MUCH FUN!
 Our daughter Loves to help get the cars ready for the shows! The red Mustang in the picture belongs to my husband Uncle and my husband just got done painting that car just a few weeks ago!
 Our friend Chad was in town to lay a little paint in the pin-strip fashion. We had him lay a little on ours!
 My daughter wants to be a pin-stripper and was intently watching everything he was doing!
 The new paint looks good!
Here is the Mustang that my husband painted. He killed the paint on this car and it won an award! We were so happy!
This is the 3rd project of my husbands what was at the show. He built it for my uncle a few years ago.  I forgot to take a photo of it at the show but wanted to show you one anyway!

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