Just thought you should know…….

I know, I know! You are all probably wondering what the heck is going on around here! For months now it seems that all I have posted about was Reviews and Giveaways..well the truth is my life and my blog seemed to have gotten away from me and I started to not have time for what I really started this blog for! Well the past two weeks that has changed as I am getting back into the groove of things! I am posting coupon deals, matchups, and freebies just as I did when this blog was started…so what about all my wonderful readers that came for the Reviews and Giveaways? Well no need to worry! I know that I have not posted many recently. Only a few giveaways were posted this week..but that is about to change as well! I am planning on getting into a routine where I post deals and matchups throughout the week along with one or two giveaways..but the weekends are fair game and will be FILLED with fun Reviews and Giveaways! This weekend I already have many wonderful giveaways set to post! You won’t want to miss them!

So with that being said I would LOVE to know everyone’s thoughts on everything? Are you liking the deals, coupons and freebies? I can tell that my page views are through the roof….but my followers are dropping! I would LOVE to know any thoughts you might have on making this a better blog! What do you want to see around here? Are there too many posts? Not enough of something? Let me know!!

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