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MyThoughts on Ectropy
Secrete Science Team Kit


Haveyou ever wanted to be a real life detective! I mean down to the T!That is what you are able to do with Ectropy! With this kit myhusband and daughter were able to read about a crime that wascommitted! Then test out soil samples, as well as many other funexperiments to help aid in solving the crime!
TheEctropy kit came with everything that was needed to solve this crimeexcept for a simple marker and some water! Other than that this kitwas packed full of soil, vinegar, testing tubes, magnifying glass,fabric, specimens, pH paper, and so much more!
Okay..soas most of you know I get to review a lot of neat products. But thisby far was one of the coolest of them all! I would have soaked thisup as a child and wish that I had the opportunity to have a kit likethis in my life. As soon as my husband pulled out the police reportand finger prints my daughter knew that it was serious! She got intoinvestigator mode and was apt and ready to do everything and anythingto solve the crime that had been committed! Being extra cautious notto contaminate any evidence she embarked on a journey of thrill andadventure right in the comfort of her own home!
TheEctropy kit went into extreme detail when it came to the sciencebehind solving a crime. They had to fill out reports on each of thesamples taken from the crime scene and do experiments until they wereready to solve the mystery!
Ectropysells a number of Secret Science Team Kits. They have been praised onmany of Media Sources including Good Morning America, Parents ChoiceFoundation, as well as many other Blogs!
TheEctropy kit we received was amazing. This is the kind of stuff thatmy daughter thrives on and she was in heaven as she sat there solvingthese crimes! This is truly a kit that any child will enjoy!
Youmay visit HERE to make a purchase!
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