Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles REVEIW!


MyThoughts on FrankensteinJr. and
YAY!Yet another Hanna-Barbera classic! I can’t seem to get enough ofthese cartoons and neither can the kids!
FrankensteinJr. and The Impossibles are made up of an interesting group ofcharacters! A Boy Genius, a Robot, a Genie, need I say more? Thereare so many vastly different characters that it just works!
Ilove the action packed adventures that take place along with the slewof different people around every turn. My daughter loves the episodeswith the Pirates and can’t seem to get enough of them! 

OnThe Back
FrankensteinJr. and the Impossibles is one half-hour packed with the adventuresof two of the most unusual animation creations of the legendaryHanna-Barbera studio. Buzz Conroy is a heroic boy-genius who buildsthe powerful robot Frankenstein Jr. When the Ghastly Genie, the JunkMan and other evildoers get up to their old tricks. “Frankie” andhis young creator crank into action. The crime fighting coalitioncontinues with the Impossibles, a group of superheroes disguised as abeatnik rock group. At the direction of “Big D,” Multi Man, CoilMan and Fluid Man make hot-rockin’ musical justice thwarting thievesand corralling crooks with their transformative powers. All-familyclassic cartoon fun isn’t just possible – it’s guaranteed with this2-Disc, 18-Episode Collection!
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