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MyThoughts onBengay
Iam a Bengay Freak! I use it on a weekly basis as I tend to sleepwrong and end up with sore back muscles in the morning. Bengay alwaystakes the tension out of my muscles and allows me to move freelythroughout the day!
RecentlyBengay has introduced a new product! Bengay Cold Therapy! How amazingthis has been!
TheBengay Cold Therapy has the same quality that I would expect out of aBengay product but there are two features that I noticed right away!First off the scent is not as over powering with the cold therapy asit is with some of the other Bengay! I myself LOVE the smell ofBengay but I know that sometimes my husband stays clear of me when Iam covered in it! I also noticed that the burn of the lotion was muchmore mild. I know that this is due to the cooling effect and I lovedit! There is just such a slight, refreshing coolness to the areathat the Bengay is applied!
Bengayprovides me with the instant relief that I need. This is a productthat I have used for years and I even remember my Dad using it when Iwas a young child. Bengay is a high quality product that you cantrust to take away any of the pain that you may be feeling due tosimple backache, bruises, arthritis, sprains, and strains! It isrecommended for adults and children over the age of 12!
Youmay visit HERE to make a purchase!
TWOlucky US readers will win a bottle of Bengay Cold Therapy!
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