Lawhorn’s Signature Seasoning Review!


MyThoughts on Lawhorn’sSignature Seasoning
Weare a BBQ Family! All summer long we enjoy entertaining our friendsand family and my hubby enjoys grilling up new recipes each and everytime! This past week we were able to have burgers grilled usingLawhorn’s Signature Seasoning! Boy were they AWESOME! We also friedup some Potato’s and used the Lawhorn’s Signature Seasoning! Theywere just as good!
TheLawhorn’s Signature Seasoning contains Salt, Garlic, Onion, Pepper,Spices, Paprika, and Calcium Stearate. When Barbecuing the HamburgersI noticed that I could really taste the onion along with a sweettaste in the seasoning! It was wonderful! When using the Potatos Icould taste more of the Garlic and Pepper! How fun! There is a quoteon the bottle that says…….
Tastesdifferent on everything you put it on! Hands down, the best seasoningyou’ve ever tasted!”
Ifound this quote to be absolutely accurate! We are planning onsmoking up some Beefy goodness this next weekend and I can’t wait tosee what flavors the Lawhorns Signature Seasoning brings to thetable!
LawhornsSignature Seasoning can be used on Steaks, Chicken, Seafood, Pork,BBQ, Vegetables, and fried foods! I love that I now will only needone seasoning in the kitchen and not 10 different ones for eachdifferent food group! Lawhorns can be counted on for ANY of mycooking needs!
Ohyes and one more thing….Lawhorn’s is 100% Natural and Made in theU.S.A!
Wouldyou like to check out the fun recipes on Lawhorn’s website? You maygo HERE to do that!
Youmay visit HERE to make a purchase!
Idid receive a product for the purpose of this review, However myopinion was used in this review and was not influenced in any way!All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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