Jaipur Avenue Chai Tea’s Review!

MyWeek With Jaipur Avenue Tea
Iam a tea lover! Especially Chai Tea! I was introduced to Chai about10 years ago and have been hooked ever since!
Iwas recently able to review Jaipur Avenue’s fun and unique Chaiflavors! Yummy! Vanilla, Ginger, Original Masala, Cardamom, andSaffron!!
Iam a Vanilla freak so the first Jaipur Avenue tea I wanted to try wasVanilla Chai! It was easy to prepare and I quickly had my water hotand ready for my tea! I then placed 2oz of water into my cup andstirred up the Vanilla Chai packet! I then added another 4 oz of Hotwater and 2 oz of milk! Yummy! I loved that the packet made 8 oz oftea! That’s awesome!
TheVanilla was amazing! I could taste sweet Vanilla in my Chai and foundit to be one of the most pleasant flavors I have ever tried!
Thenext morning I could not wait for my Jaipur Avenue Tea! I decidedthat I would just try the first tea I seen! It happened to beSaffron! What a uniquely different flavor to add to Chai! I preparedmy tea exactly the same as I had the day before! Could not wait forthe sweet taste to hit my lips!
TheSaffron Chai Mix was very different than I had anticipated! It wasmore bitter than the Vanilla but not in a bad way! There was also asweet after taste! Very unique in a wonderful way!
TodayI just grabbed the next in line again! It happened to be the OriginalMasala. Now I have NO CLUE what Masala is but I was excited to trysomething new! As I was pouring out the continence in my Hot Water Icould not help but realize that the scent coming from my cupresembled something I would expect to season my chicken with….I wasnervous thinking that this Original Masala would be a little tooweird of a flavor for my morning Chai…But again was simplysurprised! The flavor of the Original Masala is distinct anddifferent. But in a really good way! There is a slight hint ofsweetness but the other flavors are bursting with color and I evensipped a hint of spice I believe! Love it!
Yepthat’s Ginger alright! My flavor pick of the day! As soon as I openedup the package I smelled the overwhelming scent of Ginger AND it wasawesome!
Iused to not be a huge Ginger fan and a few years ago would probablynot have even tasted this unique Chai flavor. But after going toMedical Coding School and taking Pharmacology classes I soon realizedthe healthy qualities of Ginger and began using this wonderful rootin lots of different recipes! It was a wonderful mix with my Chai teathis A.M.!
Todayis my last day with Jaipur tea. I am kinda disappointed as I haveenjoyed my morning cup of Chai! Today the only Chai that I had leftwas Cardamom. This is yet another spice that I was not sure what ittasted like. I don’t use Cardamom very often and got excited to tryit out for the day! The first thing I noticed right away was how theCardamom flavor was not as sweet as most of the other flavors. TheCardamom was also not bursting with as much flavor as some of theothers but it was also a nice relaxing flavor. Not too much but justright for a wonderful flavor! What a perfect way to end my 5 dayswith Jaipur!
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Idid receive a product for the purpose of this review, However myopinion was used in this review and was not influenced in any way!All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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