Journals of a Big Mouth Bass Review!


OnThe Back
DebbieBass just celebrated her ninth birthday. While she thought most ofthe presents were kind of lame, she loves the journal that her mothergave her.
Debbiehas always had trouble keeping secrets so she has decided to writeall of her secrets in her new journal, addressing every entry to God.She figures that there is a good chance that God won’t tell anyonewhat she is writing!
Jointhe fun as Debbie lives up to her unfortunate nickname and shares thetrials and tribulations of growing up. From trying to be more girly(and failing miserably) to exciting adventures with her brother andthe neighborhood kids, to facing humiliation at school, KeepingSecrets is a heartwarming, funny, and very real book about growing upfemale.
Kidseverywhere are falling head over heels for Debbie, a girl who is ashonest about her red hair and freckles, lack of girlfriends, andgetting picked last for dodgeball as she is about her first crush andthe fact that she just can’t keep a secret!
MyThoughts on Journalof a Big Mouth Bass
By:Debbie Sue Bass Williamson
Asa child I seemed to be more drawn to hang out with the boys than Iwas the girls. We spent our summers at the creek catching crawfish,or playing capture the flag in the empty field behind us. What ablast I use to have with those kids!
Inthis book I found Debbie to me so much like me! Minus the red hairand freckles everything else seemed to be my life! I love how theauthor has based the main character on herself and is able to writethe experiences perfectly from the perspective of a child.
Ifound Debbie to be a captivating character and for the past few weekshave read a few pages a night to my six year old daughter. We haveshared many laughs together reading this story and at the same timethis book has opened many things up for discussion. For example wewere able to spend and entire night talking about the seriousness ofstarting fires and the consequences that could happen…why did wetalk about this? You will have to read the book to find out!
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