Busy Month of May!

Where have I been?

I know it’s crazy! I have not had much time to post the past couple of weeks but I will say that things have been insane! This past week my daughter has lost her first tooth, Turned 6, and Graduated Kindergarten! SO a little about all of those exciting events!

Daughters first lost tooth- Such an awesome story! We were at her Great Grandma’s for dinner! Her Great Grandma and Grandpa were there along with my Husband and I, her Grandmother, and her Great Great Grandma! She was showing each of them how loose her tooth was when her Grandma grabbed a napkin and pulled it right out of her mouth! The funnest thing….she did not even realize what happened! She took a step back and said…”Grandma..what did you do to me? My Tooth hurts!” I then looked at her and said “How can your tooth hurt? It is in my hand!” She looked into my hand and there it was! Her words to me were “WOW! Show me a mirror! I can’t wait to see this!”

Turning 6- What an awesome day it was! We were able to make cupcakes to take to her school! She was thrilled as I had the roundabout cupcake sleeves that I previously reviewed! We made Movie Popcorn cupcakes and we invited all of her classmates to a ‘Rockstar’ themed birthday party that we will ahve this coming weekend!


Graduating Kindergarten- My husband and I were faced with a crazy decision as her teacher approached me with the subject of having my daughter move up a grade and skipping 1st grade. This was exciting as I know how smart she is but also intimidating since she would then be graduating school at age 16 and I would miss out on one of the funnest years of school…we decided not to skip her ahead as her Charter School is already really good at working one on one with the children and giving each of them school work for their individual level! The last week of school she was tested and at age 6 she has tested into 5th grade spelling, and 6th grade reading! So proud of my little genius!

Hope you enjoy some of the photos from my week!
 Ashes with her Kindergarten teacher
 Her Graduation Cake I made her
 Right after she lost her tooth
 Looking in the mirror right after loosing her tooth (with the Grandma that pulled it!)
Her birthday cupcakes we took to school

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